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More Things On a Stick Is Off & Running

By Ann Walker Smalley | January 29th, 2009 | Comment?

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In just one week since launch, more than 150 people have registered for More Things On a Stick. Many have refreshed their blogs from the original 23 Things On a Stick and are ready to jump into Thing 24 and beyond, but there are many new participants, too.

More Things On a Stick expands on some of the original Things and introduces many more. Participants are encouraged to join the 23 Things On a Stick Ning (old Thing) and to start Twittering (new Thing) as ways to connect and socialize around the Things. Other new Things include widgets for blogs and customized homepages, Google Maps and Mashups, Travel 2.0, looking at online answer sites and Books 2.0, music and online video beyond YouTube, and much more. There is a lot to explore & learn!

Participants loved the original 23 Things. Here are just two typical comments about the program:

I’m super glad that I was a part of this, and super exited by the sheer amount of information I learned. I thought I was pretty well versed in all this 2.0 stuff, but I was truly surprised! There is so much out there and with more change coming out it is great to feel on the “edge.” Miss Sticky McStickerson

23 things on a stick was the single most effective and energizing learning experience I have had to date. FateNarley

Many emphasized the depth and breadth of their learning, how much they learned about themselves through the process, and the sense of elation they experienced at finishing all 23 Things. More Things On a Stick hopes to expand this fun and learning to both past participants and new 23ers, too.

The new Things were chosen based on responses in the final Thing 23 where people were asked what Web 2.0 tools they wanted to explore. Widgets came out number one in that poll, along with music, video, and maps.

You do not have to have done the original 23 to participate in More Things, although you may need to refer to some of those Things if you have never set up a blog or an RSS account. You can find all the details on how to participate at the More Things On a Stick wiki.

More Things On a Stick and 23 Things On a Stick are brought to you by Minnesota’a seven multicounty multitype library systems (multitypes). The multitype improve library services by promoting & facilitating cooperation among academic, public, school library media centers, & special libraries within their regions. This program is part of the professional development that all multitypes provide for the library staff of their members.

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» Librarians Become Unofficial Job Counselors (NPR, 1/23/2009)