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Help Recruit for Internet Apprenticeship Positions

By MaryAnn VanCura | May 18th, 2010 | Comment?

As of 5/15, the University of Minnesota was still looking for applicants for 8 Broadband Apprenticeship positions. The positions are open until filled.  Front line library staff are in a great position to know community residents who’d be a great fit for these positions.  Because the need for digital literacy skills and access to the Internet is so great, as library staff well know, please encourage good candidates to apply for these apprenticeship positions.

Please share this job description and flyer with those who would be interested in serving in this apprenticeship position — learning technology skills, providing computer support, and training community residents to use computers and the Internet. Advanced education is not required and second language skills are a plus. The University of Minnesota recently posted the job description for the Broadband Apprenticeship Position – Community Program Assistant. (See attachment or online application for full details.)

Highlights from the Job Description:

  • The apprentices will have an opportunity to learn marketable new technology skills that can be used to find employment in a computer lab, help center, or other jobs requiring computer knowledge after the yearlong apprenticeship ends.
  • Apprentices will receive initial and ongoing training and will augment current staff by providing computer support in the public computer labs and training community residents (using training materials provided) to use technology for internet access and to access information about education, jobs, health care, and economic and community development.
  • High school diploma or GED and two years of work experience or additional education
  • … fluency in a second language – especially Spanish, Hmong, Somali and other languages commonly spoken in Minneapolis and St. Paul – is a plus.
  • See job description for more details.

Full-time position, one-year appointment, $13.87/hour

How to Apply:

  1. Applications must be submitted on-line through the University of Minnesota Office of Human Resources Web site at www.umn.edu/ohr/employment/.
  2. Click “Search & Apply for Job Openings”.
  3. Click “Search Postings”.
  4. In the box for requisition number, enter this code: 166129
  5. Under Position Title, click View.

 Contact: Courtney McLean, 612-624-0530 or mclea075@umn.edu 

FYI–Some Background on Funding:

Minnesota was one of the few states to have an application selected to receive a federal broadband stimulus grant during BTOP Round 1.  A Public Computer Center Award was granted to the University of Minnesota, 12/17/2010.

“MINNESOTA: Regents of the University of Minnesota, $2.9 million grant with matching funds of $741,000 to enhance broadband awareness and use for residents in four federally-designated poverty zones in Minneapolis and St. Paul.” 

–White House Press Release: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/vice-president-biden-kicks-72-billion-recovery-act-broadband-program

–U of MN Press Release: http://www1.umn.edu/news/news-releases/2009/UR_CONTENT_165027.html

As an outcome of this grant, the University has created these apprenticeships. According to the job description, “There are eight one-year positions as Broadband Apprentices to work on the Urban Research and Outreach/Engagement Broadband Access Project (BAP). These positions are funded by a grant from the [Round 1] U.S. Department of Commerce, (Award #27-42-B10003) and a $750k match from the University. BAP will enhance broadband access, awareness, and use in one new and ten existing public computer centers located in the urban cores of Minneapolis and St. Paul.”

Mary Ann

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