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EPUB, Accelerometer, E Ink and Sideloading. If you don’t recognize these words you may need to prepare yourself for the eReader/eBook generation. In this edition of “What’s New @ WJIL” we explore the language, legal issues, troubleshooting and even accessibility of the most recent hot digital trend to hit your library - the eReader.

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eBooks and Audiobooks

  • A 14 page resource using plenty of screenshots and pictures with definitions to help you explain to patrons (and your staff) what eBooks and Audiobooks are and how to use them.
  • Path [Library Services » Patron Training » Technology Training]

Free Resources for Your eReader

  • Customize this handout for your library to help patrons find and download eBooks.
  • Path [Technology » Mobile Devices]

eBooks Troubleshooting

  • Instructions and solutions that support has provided for issues that patrons have had with ebooks.
  • Path [Technology » Mobile Devices]

Burning Ideas: eBooks and Libraries – A Legal Perspective

  • Presentation on content licensing models and digital rights management (DRM) and the accompanying legal issues that impact libraries approach to digital collections.
  • Path [Library Services » Technical Services » Collection Development » E-Books and Digital Audio Books]

Are eReaders Accessible?

  • Some of the features and applications used by e-readers to assist the visually impaired.
  • Path [Technology » Mobile Devices]

Literacy and eReader Jargon

  • When any new technology arises, new terms are vital to explain these changes as easily as possible. ‘Library 2.0’ is a perfect example, and eReaders are bringing even more buzzwords and acronyms to the frontlines. Not only are new words created, but some major distinctions are appearing between words like the difference between a ‘virtual library’ and a ‘digital library,’ where they are not interchangeable.
  • Path [Technology » Mobile Devices]

Courses and Learning

Gadget Checklist 2010: for Library Staff, Users and Our Future - WJ Webinar archive

  • Do you need a gadgets orientation covering types, brands, features, functionality and answers to why gadgets are so popular with your patrons? Listen to this archived WJ webinar with Michael Porter where he presents a checklist-filled session also covering how users are consuming and accessing content on gadgets and how libraries are purchasing and lending gadgets to host this content.

Gadgets: Personal Electronics for Your Library – WJ Webinar archive

  • Archive and associated resources for this WJ Webinar with Jason Griffey on libraries and personal electronics such as ebook readers and MP3 players


Is your staff unsure of themselves when it comes to helping patrons with eBooks and eReaders? Our North Carolina WJ partners have initiated a program to help their library staff become more familiar and comfortable with these new technologies through an eReader “petting zoo” for library staff. Find out how you could duplicate this in your library and community. 

What Could I do with…eBooks and eReaders in my library?

Ready or not, eBooks and eReaders do not seem to be a passing technology fad. Recently Amazon.com announced eBook downloads for its Kindle eReader outpaced sales of paperbacks in the United States during the last 3 months of 2010. How will your library respond? Use the resources here to prepare yourself and your staff to assist and connect with patrons around this timely topic.

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