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It’s true the snow is still flying – really flying here in Illinois- but this is still the perfect time to start wishful thoughts for warm weather and the summer reading programming that comes with it. Illinois has a rich tradition of supporting summer reading through the ILA iRead program, but you can still warm up your summer reading program with a creative spark from the resources and ideas listed in this edition of “What’s New @ WJIL.”

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ILA iRead: A Midsummer Knight’s Read

Summer Reading Program ideas from around the nation

On January 20, 2011 several WJ community partners gathered to share ideas and discuss their approach to summer reading programs. Find out what some other states are doing by browsing these links…

  • Collaborative Summer Library Program. CSLP began in 1987 when ten Minnesota regional library systems developed a summer library program for children, choosing a theme, creating artwork and selecting incentives that public libraries in the regions could purchase and use. State libraries and systems continue to join and CSLP continues to evolve, but its guiding principle remains the same, librarians sharing ideas, expertise and costs to produce a high-quality summer reading program for children.
  • Ohio Summer Reading Program and Resources. Links include resources for supporting ELL/ESOL children through summer reading programs.
  • Ohio Ready to Read Program: The State Library of Ohio and the Ohio Library Council have created Ohio Ready To Read to help address the early literacy needs of Ohio’s youngest citizens. Ohio Ready To Read is a major ongoing statewide initiative to disseminate early literacy information to public library staff and trustees, early child care providers, educators, children’s advocates, parents, and political decision makers.

Read about Summer Reading

Links to blogs, reports, briefs, handouts, and programmatic resources on the subject of reading initiatives and summer reading in particular. Highlights include…

Courses and Learning

Library Reading Incentive Programs for Summer and Beyond - WJ Webinar

  • Join this showcase of reading initiatives that will draw readers of all ages to your library. Presenters will share how they plan, promote, and carry out successful summer reading programs, and will discuss year-round efforts that encourage and support lifelong readership in the community. Panelist Melanie A. Lyttle, head of public services at the Madison Public Library in Ohio, will describe her library’s use of social media to support their summer reading program, including the famed “Crabby Librarian.” Janet Ingraham Dwyer, library consultant at the State Library of Ohio, will talk about other successful reading programs in her state including Choose to Read Ohio, a statewide initiative which encourages Ohioans of all ages to read and enjoy books together.

WebJunction Partners Share Summer Reading Program: Webinar Archive

  • Archive and associated resources for Janary 20, 2011, webinar Archive and associated resources for the January 20, 2011, partner meeting with Cheryl Space, Janet Ingraham Dwyer, Naphtali Faris, Ann Roberts and Michele Farley presenting. Take note of related resource links below the video of the webinar archive.


Join the discussion and sharing during the upcoming February 15th WJ Webinar – Library Reading Incentive Programs for Summer and Beyond. Enroll now on L2.

What Could I do with…Summer Reading Program Resources

Put a warm smile on your face as you browse the many creative  and innovative ideas aimed at helping you develop the best programs and services for summer reading and early childhood literacy.  It’s not too early to start. In fact now is the perfect time!

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