What’s New @ WJIL: Chart Your Course – A Marketing Toolkit for your library

ChartYourCourseWant to let job-seekers in your community know what a wealth of resources and services your library has to offer? Use this “Chart Your Course”  marketing toolkit recently added to WJIL as a part of the Workforce Resources collection. Here is a sneak peek at what you’ll find. For the full story and resources follow the links.


  • Why it’s important to make sure that your community knows what your library has to offer.

Get Started

  • Ideas for setting achievable and measurable goals and objectives as well as a quick survey to help you identify new opportunities to raise awareness.

Tell the Story

  • How to find the story and develop the key messages and talking points.

Reach out to the Community

  • Outreach strategies for a number of key groups and tips on how to sustain your efforts.

Marketing Materials

  • A wealth of customizable ready to use graphic templates such as bookmarks, flyers, graphics, etc. that can be used in reaching job-seekers. All assets are branded with the marketing  slogan “Chart Your Course – The latest news about Jobs and Careers is always at Your Library.”

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