Libraries and Workforce Development Videos Now Complete

WorkforceVideoOver the first year with Project Compass, WebJunction heard about the many successful ways in which public library staff around the country have responded to the needs of the unemployed.

They also heard that library staff could use more training and knowledge to augment their ability to help the struggling workforce. And of course, they heard about budget cuts and how little time there is for learning

Working with library trainer and consultant Pat Wagner, WebJunction has developed a series of five short video presentations in which Pat shares her knowledge and experience on some key topics that will help library staff help their patrons. Think of them as “learning tapas” or small chunks of information to be consumed when you have the time and the appetite

Find links to all five in the table of contents.

A Guide to Job-Hunters: One Size Does Not Fit All

  • Who Are They? What Do They Need? What Can Your Library DO? (12 min)
  • Job-hunters arrive with different backgrounds and differing needs. Get to know some of the prevalent varieties.

You Want to Help, and the Clock is Ticking

  • How Your Library Can Offer Effective, Timely Support for Job-Hunters (30 min)
  • Learn how your library can best serve job-hunters and when it is appropriate to enlist help from other agencies and partners.

Bright Shiny Things: Social Media and Job-Hunting

  • How Social Media Tools Can Help Your Job-Hunters (if you keep them focused!!) (18 min
  • Pat looks at four prominent social networking tools from the perspective of the job-seeker: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Posterous.

Nothing Up My Sleeve? Job-Hunting Scams

  • How to Identify and Protect Job-hunters from Scam Artists (15 min)
  • The unemployed are particularly vulnerable to job offers and scams that sound too good to be true. Help your patrons beware.

Keeping One’s Cool In Difficult Times

  • Stress Management for Library Staff and the People They Serve (20 min)
  • Tough times bring new stresses, which patrons bring into the library. Pat offers cool and timely advice for reducing your own stress.

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