Geek the Library

The Geek the Library public awareness campaign is designed to highlight the vital role of public libraries in today’s challenging environment and to increase awareness about public library funding. The campaign encourages libraries to engage with their communities and start important funding conversations.

Geek the Library was born out of the findings in From Awareness to Funding: a study of library support in America and is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. OCLC has piloted the campaign with nearly 100 libraries in diverse communities over the past year-with encouraging results. Consumer research shows high appeal for the campaign and the potential to help reverse downward public library funding trends.

Join Jenny Johnson, Executive Director, Branding & Marketing Services – OCLC, and Jennifer Pearson, Senior Manager, Advocacy Programs – OCLC, for this exciting presentation that will provide the back-ground and research that went into the campaign, the results of the campaign pilot and information on the current phase of the campaign making it available to all U.S. public libraries. They will provide information on how to participate and answer any questions you may have about the campaign.

Date:  October 21, 2010
Time:  10:00 a.m. -  3:00 p.m.
CPDUs:  5

This event will be held at the Hilton Garden Inn @ Effingham, IL.  A registration fee of $40.00 is required for all attendees. 

Hotel Information

This event is sponsored by Lincoln Trail Libraries System, Lewis & Clark Library System, Rolling Prairie Library System, and Shawnee Library System.

Register here.

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