History Channel Award for “Writing Women Back into History”

In March a multi-panel exhibit was developed by the State Library, the Illinois State Archives and the Secretary of State Communications department to observe Women’s History Month. The exhibit, entitled “Writing Women Back into History,” was displayed in the James R. Thompson Center in Chicago. Images on the panels were taken from the collections of the Illinois State Archives and the Illinois Digital Archives (IDA). Individual panels highlighted women in Illinois history who made contributions to law and government, the workforce, the military from the Civil War, education, health care, and aviation and the sciences.

The display proved to be so popular that we exhibited it in May in the atrium of the Illinois State Library Gwendolyn Brooks Building in conjunction with the History Channel’s Library Outreach program and the 12-hour series, “America: The Story of Us.”

The History Channel has announced that the display has received second place in a national contest run in conjunction with the series.

Congratulations to Alyce Scott and Joe Natale of the ISL and Mark Sorenson of the Illinois State Archives for their research and work on the project.

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