Literacy Spotlight: Lincoln Land Community College

Every week the Illinois State Library honors a recipient of one of the literacy grants awarded by Secretary of State Jesse White and the Illinois State Library Literacy Office. This week they shine the spotlight on Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC) in Springfield.

With a goal of obtaining his GED, one adult learner began taking ESL and Spanish GED classes through the Training and Education for Adult Learners (TEAL) Program at LLCC in Beardstown. He quickly passed his GED and continues with ESL classes.

The man joined the Workplace Literacy ESL class and attends regularly, and also joined the Family Literacy program with his son and has been part of that program since 2006. With a desire to become a U.S. citizen, the man attended citizenship preparation class and eventually achieved his goal. He is now able to vote and he is proud to tell his fellow classmates what the experience was like.

The man’s son has bonded with program staff and is beginning to speak English. The man’s wife will soon apply for U.S. citizenship. Adult education, family and workplace literacy programs become an integral part of the lives of adult learners, providing a place for study, play and growth.

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