FY09 LSTA Grant Updates: June 19, 2009

LSTA grant recipients from 2009 are now beginning to post their updates to the WJIL site on the LSTA Grant page. Here is another sampling of what some of your Illinois colleagues have done with their LSTA grant funds.

  • A Village Grows: 50 Years of Life in Elmwood Park: Russel Parker, Elmwood Park Public Library. The Elmwood Park Public Library features 408 digitized photos of the early years of life in the Village of Elmwood Park. These images offer views of early area pioneers, businesses, government officials, street scenes and other aspects of the Village.
  • BRRRRRR Blog: Deborah Bailey, Rockford Public Schools District #205. Because Rockford Public Schools District #205 restricts most aspects of Web 2.0, we had to provide a way to help our students understand a small piece of social networking. We chose a moderated blog.Books =Reviews, Reflections, Responses & Reactions, Rebuttals, Recommendations.This blog is our district’s first foray into web 2.0 thinking. It provided a technological venue for our elementary students to increase their appreciation of books and reading as well as improve their writing skills.
  • Centurions Quest for Knowledge, Tracy Lance, Century CUSD #100 Libraries. The Centurions Quest for Knowledge program was designed to introduce students in 4th – 8th grades to better research skills using WebQuests, scavenger hunts and daily “Quests”.
  • Progressive Links, Molly Scanlan, O’Fallon Public Library. Self checkout machines, a new state of the art drupal website, laptop computers, and presentation of a digital storytime workshop are some ways this grant was used to update technology at the O’Fallon Public Library. 
  • Sharing our Past: Digitally Archiving the History of USF, Linnea Knapp, University of St. Francis. “Sharing Our Past: Digitally Archiving the History of the University of St. Francis” is a project that will create an online collection of digitized photographs, brochures, newspapers, posters, and other materials related to the history of the University of St. Francis, the City of Joliet, and Will County. 

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